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This page contains some of Megatrader live trading accounts. After watching the videos, you can check all accounts on being live, real money accounts, with funds withdrawal, as well as estimate the size of potential profits that can be achieved.
Forex arbitrage (February, 2018). The trading robot earned 12320 $ (1232% of the initial deposit of $ 1000).
Arbitrage on Forex (November, 2017). The trading robot earned 24559 $ in just one month of trading (more than 428% of the initial deposit).
Forex arbitrage on CFDs of DAX (August, 2017). $722 of profit (144%).
Binary options arbitrage (June, 2017). The video contains the example of real trading with the BinaryTrader program and trading report. In three days robot made $3646 (3646%) from $100!
Binary options arbitrage with BinaryTrader software (June, 2017). As a source of fast datafeed was used CQG terminal. In 20 days the program made $3379.
Binary options arbitrage with BinaryTrader software (April, 2017). $45955 of profit in less than one month of trades.
One-legged pair trading (October, 2016). In 9 days the program earned 5503$ (110% of the initial deposit).
Arbitrage on forex (August, 2016). As a source of fast datafeed was used CQG terminal. In one month program made $4913, 446% from deposit.
Forex arbitrage (March, 2015). In 7 hours program made $1220 (247%)!
Real trading results compilation. Arbitrage strategy. Examples of real accounts. Profitability form 277% to 8972% in several days.
Arbitrage on Forex. In one month of trading (12th of march – 12th of april 2013) robot made $1453, which is 54.8% from starting deposit.
One more example of one-legged arbitrage on Forex. As a source of leading quotations is used SaxoTrader Terminal.
One-legged arbitrage on forex between two dealers. Pay attention, that duration of deals are more than 10 minutes.
Pair trading between futures on RTS and S&P500. Trading is processed by only one leg: Futures on RTS. Real account on Finam. $3026 of profit, it is more than 100% from starting deposit.