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Megatrader overview

Megatrader is a software complex for spread and basket trading automation, including pair trading and arbitrage strategies. Megatrader’s functionality covers all the aspects of spread trading and uncovers all its advantages, from spread creation and charting to automatic strategy backtesting and trading on live accounts. All functions of the programm are described in the User's Guide. A demonstrational version of Megatrader can be downloaded here.

Key features

  • Creating spreads of any complexity.
  • Simultaneous work with MetaTrader 4/5, Integral, CQG and SaxoTrader platforms with the possibility of combining instruments from different terminals provides a bunch of trading opportunities:
    • Cross-broker Forex arbitrage;
    • Latency Forex arbitrage (MetaTrader to MetaTrader or SaxoTrader to MetaTrader, one- legged and two-legged);
    • Spread trading (pair trading) between ANY instruments available on ANY MetaTrader 4/5 broker (a lot of variations);
    • Basket trading on Forex and derivatives market;
    • and many other strategies.
  • Spread charting with the possibility to apply basic integrated indicators (moving averages, Bollinger bands, etc.).
  • One-click buying/selling of spread.
  • Creation of automated trading systems using an integrated scripting language.
  • Backtesting strategies on historical data.
  • Ability to backfill orders with trade delays during backtesting to emulate real market conditions.

How does the program work?

Megatrader can recieve quotes from any combination of MetaTrader 4/5, Quik, Integral, CQG or SaxoTrader terminals. Then according to entered spread parameters it automatically calculates and charts the spread in real time. When you need to buy or sell spread, the program sends orders to appropriate trading terminals, where they are executed according to their weight in spread (lotsizes are calculated automatically). So, one can just analyze synthetic composite instrument like it’s an individual one: look at the chart, buy or sell the whole basket, while Megatrader does all the needed calculations and cross-program communications.

Spread creation

Megatrader starts with creating a spread. You first specify two groups of instruments that form a spread, Short and Long sides respectively. Instrument quoes can be received from any terminal (Quik, MetaTrader, Integral, CQG or SaxoTrader), you can specify symbol’s weight in spread as well as other parameters.

After specifying all the parameters of spread quotes import can be started, and the program will start calculating and charting the spread automatically.

Main window

Here a spread’s chart can be spotted. It always shows two lines: red line - Offer (best price at which one can buy the spread) and green line - Bid (best selling price). In addition a variety of integrated indicators can be applied on chart (moving averages, Bollinger bands, etc.).

Here a spread’s chart can be spotted. It always shows two lines: red line - Offer (best price at which one can buy the spread) and green line - Bid (best selling price). In addition a variety of integrated indicators can be applied on chart (moving averages, Bollinger bands, etc.).


Automated trading

A peculiar feature of Megatrader is the opportunity to create automated trading systems (trading robots). The program includes an easy yet powerful scripting language, which allows creationg of both simple and complex trading strategies in the form of scripts.

Language is very simple to learn, has a lot of useful data- and time-management functions as well as mathematic ones, in addition to documentation there are some example scripts included in the distribution to allow you to quickly master the language and begin to implement their own trading strategies.


Backtesting trading strategies

The program provides an opportunity to test your trading strategies, or scripts, on historical data to determine its profitability and potency. During backtesting a single every-tick pass is performed on all the data period, simulating the execution of transactions. Backtester has the ability to emulate the delays encountered in real trading, which allows maximal adaptation of backtesting to real market conditions.

After backtesting user can have a look at detailed information including: general report, a report on all transactions and balance chart:

Tester settings en f90867ca24fcf48217c48e9c07484c962bdfa97bbe85d99c8f652d2744122f20
Tester settings en f90867ca24fcf48217c48e9c07484c962bdfa97bbe85d99c8f652d2744122f20
Tester common report en b00e211203edd4ab6715264fe3f7f2230a6fd7391d95bfcf2bc9b1bd253cf0f7
Tester trades en 806c0f73321c82386175ec421a62e3328bcf3b5a2b88d1caee218d0fdd550156
Tester equity chart en 21cf1ea9b76e354d897742cad49517341fcab6440c79aa7cbc4d88d2add899da

After trading system has been backtested, it can be started - just start script to run real-time.



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