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Program module MegaClicker

MegaClicker – additional module for Megatrader software, designed for automated trading in MT4 terminal without usage of Expert Advisors. Module reads quotations directly from the window of MetaTrader 4 terminal and transmits them to MegaTrader program, and at occurrence of signal to buy or sell, MegaClicker clicks "Buy" button and the "Sell" in the same way as it does people. With MegaClicker it is possible to trade with brokers that prohibit usage of advisers, and masquerade as a human-trader.

The benefit in usage of MegaClicker

  • MegaClicker gives you the opportunity to trade with brokers that prohibit the use of automatic trading advisors. Such brokers are nicely suitable for arbitrage trading, because they tend to slow quotes, no requotes and skidded, but the main thing - they have not yet faced with arbitration and feel safe. MegaClicker allows to fully benefit from this situation.
  • MegaClicker allows you to masquerade as a human-trader and thus avoid malicious intervention in trading from broker’s side. It is well known that forex brokers see how open transactions: adviser or by pressing a button. It is no secret that forex brokers do not like profitable advisors and especially afraid of those who use arbitration. So unscrupulous forex brokers are closely watching the profitable advisors and often use a variety of tricks such as requotes, slippages, the delay in the execution of transactions, etc., to prevent them from making profits. Disguising as manual trader in most cases, allows to avoid interference from the broker and calmly use automated trading.
  • MegaClicker can improve the execution of transactions. Most brokers more loyal to the traders, trading manually and often initially provide them with better conditions of execution of transactions: no re-quotes and slippages, a higher execution speed etc. Using MegaClicker can significantly improve the performance of transactions, because the broker will think that a person trades, not a robot.

How does MegaClicker works?

MegaClicker reads quotations directly from “Market Watch” window in MT4 terminal and transmits them to MegaTrader. Program opens transaction by pressing the button "Buy" and "Sell" on the "One Click Trading" panel. Closing the transaction, depending on the settings is carried out by pressing the buttons closing orders in the terminal, or the opening of opposite orders (locking).

Configuring and running MegaClicker

1. Setting MetaTrader 4 terminal

For correct operation of MegaClicker, first you need to properly configure the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

  • In the MT4 terminal is necessary to set the interface language "English".
  • In the MT4 terminal you must enable the "One Click Trading".
  • In the "Market Watch" should be left only one symbol, which will be traded.
  • For the traded symbol is necessary to open the schedule window and enable "One Click Trading" (it is enough to select "One Click Trading" from the context menu of the graph window).
  • On the "One Click Trading" panel, you need to install volume coincides with the value of the parameter "Lots in spread unit" in the settings of the traded instrument in Megatrader program, as well as with the value of "Order size" in MegaClicker module settings.
  • In the "Terminal" window, tab "Trade" should be selected, and in the settings tab must be enabled "Auto Arrange" (to enable this option quite right-click context menu and enable the appropriate check box, this option is enabled by default).

2. MegaClicker setting

It is necessary to set next parameters of MegaClicker module:

  • Account - Trading account ID in MT4 terminal.
  • Trading symbol - Instrument name in MT4, which we are going to trade.
  • Order size - Size of order. The value have to be equal to value, set on “One Click Trading” panel in MT4 terminal, and with the parameter “Lots in spread unit” in instrument settings in MegaTrader program.
  • Confirmation time - Standby time of confirmation the execution of transactions in MT4 terminal in seconds.
  • Lock position instead of closing - The way of closing orders. If this check box is enabled, the program will close deals by opening opposite orders (locking). In the future, all locked positions will need to be closed manually using the command "Close" or "Multiple close" in MT4 terminal.
3. System start

To start the entire system it is enough to perform the following steps:

  1. Run the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  2. Run the program MegaClicker and click there "Connect" button.
  3. Start Megatrader program and establish a connection with the MT4 (execute the menu command "Connection -> Connect to MetaTrader").

If during the operation of the system will be restarted MT4 terminal, you can restore normal operation, you must reinstall the connection between the terminal and MegaClicker by clicking "Disconnect", and then "Connect".


Video: example of configuration and operation of MegaClicker.


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