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BinaryTrader Software

BinaryTrader – software complex for automation of arbitrage trading of binary options.

BinaryTrader program is intended for automation of arbitrage trading in binary options. What Binary Options arbitrage is? It is unique trading strategy, the essence of which is to monitor the situation, when binary option quotations are behind quotations, delivered from leading source, and it makes deals in options in the direction of advance price.

The program was designed so as to be applicable for the majority of existing trading terminals, including option brokers on WEB platforms. A unique feature of this program is the opportunity of training quotations recognition module, based on neural network that allows you to get quotes of trading instruments which are available only in the form of an image (picture) on the screen. Click setting module allows you to automate key pressing and closing pop-up windows. Thus, the program allows you to completely automate trading on terminals, which are intended solely for manual trading. Download the demo version here.

Program features

The program is designed for automated trading terminals, which do not allow you to connect Expert Advisors, don’t have any "API" interface and are intended mainly for manual trading.

  • Graphical recognition of trading terminals quotations, after short training of recognition module
  • Receiving leading (fast) quotations from the next sources: CTrader, SaxoTrader, Integral, CQG, Lmax, Rithmic and others
  • Graphical spread visualization (difference between quotations)
  • The possibility of the historical trading test, in order to clarify the definition of arbitrage opportunities and options trading system
  • Registration in the strategy tester transaction execution delays
  • Automatic opening deals with manual trading imitation
  • Ability to automatically clicking extra buttons and closing pop-ups
  • Ability to manually open trades by pressing one key

How does the program work

The program receives quotations traded instrument from two sources: the trading terminal of binary options and a leading source (CTrader, SaxoTrader, Integral, CQG, Lmax, Rithmic, etc.), compares these sources, and when difference is enough to get profit, it presses the button to open transaction at the terminal.

Creating a new BinaryTrader project

Working with the program starts from creating new BinaryTrader project and it consists of the following steps:

1. Choosing source of leading quotations

You can choose from: CTrader, SaxoTrader, Integral, CQG, Lmax, Rithmic and others.

2. Setting desktop field for recognition of quotations and places of BUY and SELL buttons

At first it’s necessary to place BinaryTrader and trading terminal on the desktop so that they do not overlap. All the buttons on the trading terminal should be visible and available for click. To avoid malfunctions you mustn't move, scale or change somehow the trading terminal.

2.1. Quotation field location.

In the future from this region will take place the recognition and export of quotations in BinaryTrader. Allocated field must not contain foreign elements. After highlighting press the "Enter" key.

Video: Example of allocation screen area for recognition of quotations.
2.2. Click setting

Determine the point of pressing for buying and selling options. Finish specifying of clicking points by pressing "Enter" key.

Video: Example of clicks setting.
2.3. Set conditional clicks if necessary

Conditional click is click, which is performed after the condition is done. Condition – shift of the color of specified area. It gives opportunity to identify appearance of new buttons, which is necessary to push for opening deals and pop-up windows, which is necessary to close (the color of area changes if there is appeared new button or window).

Example of new button appearance:

Video: Example of the appearance of additional button.

On this video is shown appearance of green "INVEST" button, which is necessary to push to open the deal. In the place, where the button should appear we set aim-condition and near we place aim for pushing buttons. Finish this procedure by pressing "Enter".

Video: Example of setting conditional clicks.
3. Training of quotations recognition module

After the field of quotation is set, it is necessary to make training of recognition module. After pressing start of training, quote will appear in the BinaryTrader window. Quote have to be "cut" clearly on different numbers. If it is not done in default, it is necessary to achieve this result by contrast regulation.

After this it is necessary to wait for some time while all different dights will be appeared and detected. In dependence of broker it will take from 5 to 20 minutes. Please note that the digit can even have multiple different images depending on whether a symbol is next. BinaryTrader can correctly recognize quotations, consisting of figures of different sizes and/or colors, for example: 1.04325 or 1.04325.

As data collecting will be finished, it is necessary to push red stop button and to assign symbols to corresponding digits, using upper-row number pad in the window, which will appear after you click "Stop" button. Every symbol is corresponded to one digit. To erase the entered number by mistake - "Backspace", if not readable symbol – "Space".

Video: Example of training quotations recognition module..

After specifying correspondences for all the examples of characters, neural network training procedure starts. It usually takes only a few seconds. Training is completed. It is necessary to save project. Project saving will give you an opportunity not to do training one more time on this broker. It will be enough to set quotation field and set conditional clicks.

4. Setting trading strategy parameters

The BinaryTrader realizes binary arbitrage strategy in the next way. Program always calculates difference between broker’s quotations and source of leading quotes and visualizes it as a spread chart. When the difference appears, there are big deviations on the spread chart. Program detects appearance of such deviations and makes deals with options: it buys when it is going down and sells when it is going up. Thus, it is necessary to set parameters of strategy:

  • Price deviation level for opening the deal. As the price reach this difference between broker and leading quotations source, the deal will be opened. For EURUSD this level is usually between 0.0001-0.0009 for DAX30 – from 1 to 10.
  • Average line period. Average line is used for calculation normal spread level. It is possible to save default value.
  • Minimal time between deals. For manual trading imitation there is parameter of delay between opening several deals. If there is no such delay, situations when the program opens 10 or more same deals in 1 second are possible. It is not possible if you trade manually. We recommend to set this parameter or 5 seconds or more.
5. Historical testing

Backtesting is carried out to determine the possibility of arbitration in this broker and determine the parameters of the trading system. For backtesting you must have downloaded data (Spread). The more you have data, the more precisely the test will be. As usual, to detect potential profitability of broker, it’s enough to have about 10 hours of downloaded data in high-volatility time on market.

Before starting the test, you must install:

  • Option expiration time.The less this time is, the more profitable the trading will be. (Preferably less than one minute).
  • The bet value.
  • The percentage of payments. Payment percentage is shown in the trading terminal. Please note that in some brokers it can be changed during trading time. The more payment percentage, the more profitable the trading can be.
  • Delay in ticks. This parameter allows us to estimate the impact of the delay in ticks of execution of the transaction on the result.
  • Delay in milliseconds.Allows us to estimate the impact of the delay in the execution of the transaction in milliseconds on the result.

After you push “Test” button, program will make historical trading simulation, using calculated data. On the “Chart” tab there will appear the deposit balance chart. Changing deviation level parameter, it is necessary to reach uniformly increasing deposit level. If your balance chart is not increasing, it means that the broker, you trade is fast or your leading source is slow.

Please pay attention that result of historical testing has estimated character, because there is no opportunity to estimate appearance and value of slippages and delays. Nevertheless, negative result of backtesting gives an opportunity to find suitable trading parameters and screen out some brokers, which are not suitable for arbitrage.

6. Trading

To turn on automated trading, you have to push green button on the main window of BinaryTrader.

It’s very important to use VPS for real trading. It is necessary to keep the VPS window opened. (If disconnected from the VPS, BinaryTrader work stops). Don’t change location on the desktop, don’t scale and avoid the imposition of other windows on the trading terminal window it may cause incorrect recognition of quotations and making clicks not in a target.

When the program works in automatic mode, it is necessary to control trading process, because unplanned different pop-ups and other changes in the form of the terminal may cause a malfunction.


Video: an example of the real work of BinaryTrader along with the trading result.

Examples of the real work of the program BinaryTrader and trading results with the withdrawal of profits can be found in the section Video Reports.


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