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  • Automatic trading systems
  • Historical data backtesting
  • Order execution delay emulation
  • MetaTrader and SaxoTrader support
  • Spread chart analysis
  • Easy manual trading
  • One-click spread buy/sell
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Megatrader - automated spread trading software


Are you tired of constantly trying to guess market's direction?

Tired to delve into the depths of technical analysis and bother with things like chart patterns, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci levels, etc.?

You are looking for a robust and science-based trading strategy?




MegaTrader will help you discover all the advantages of spread trading. Spread trading embodies a whole class of trading strategies, such as arbitrage, pair trading, basket trading and others. These strategies have many advantages, among them - high predictability and low risks due to diversification. All these advantages make spread trading strategies nearly the most stable and high-yielding. All functions of the programm are described in the User's Guide. A demonstrational version of Megatrader can be downloaded here.


The program is specifically developed to cover all important aspects of spread trading, from creating the spread and developing a trading strategy to automated trading in live accounts.

  1. Creation of automated trading systems.
  2. Trading strategies backtesting on historical data, taking execution delay into consideration.
  3. Simultaneous work with MetaTrader 4/5, Integral, CQG and SaxoTrader platforms with the possibility of combining instruments from different terminals.
  4. Spread charting with the possibility to use integrated indicators.
  5. Simple one-click trading system allows you to buy / sell spread is the touch of a button.


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